Katmai Men's Expedition Wool Bottom

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7 review(s) for "Katmai Men's Expedition Wool Bottom"

  1. 5 out of 5

    shane - :

    HOT! perfect for extreme cold and you want to keep the layers down, -10 to 20 and a flannel shirt or light wind breaker will be all you need, maybe great for antarctic travel. This weight would be great for a hunting stand when its 0 outside and your not moving. probably great if you are naturally cold blooded or have low blood circulation and dispise cold weather. This is the best product I have every used for actually not letting any body heat out. consider light weigh if your going to be active.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Z37 - :

    Very Warm, soft, fit true to size, working great here in michigan, past few days have been 5-15 degrees. I have to say I am surprised that these don't itch as much as I thought they would, this is my first pair of wool undergarment/long johns. Initially out of the box I thought they were a bit bulky, but they sit right on your skin, you don't have to worry about them bunching up they fit under my jeans, hiking pants, dress pants(sometimes). Some people may think the heavyweights are too much for day to day use, but I love them. I love lounging around the house in just these, they are warm enough where you don't need pants. I recommend getting the hiking expedition socks aswell, great product that has good compression and my toes are warm. Pros: Warm, soft, doesn't itch, quality merino, "resting warmth" Cons: washing? haven't washed mine yet, and some people may complain of these being too warm, not me :) I did purchase this from amazon, however, it was my first minus33 purchase and I would recommend this to all friends and family, over any other brand: smartwool/icebreaker/woolx/omniwool/etc Adirondack 2/46

  3. 5 out of 5

    Mike - :

    Hi, I would give all of Minus33 Big and Tall gear a 10 out of 5! Off the charts. I'm 6'-4", and it's awesome to have baselayer shirts and longs that are actually a bit long for me, I love it. I'm a power lineman so, the fire resistance properties of the 100% wool is a huge plus. Also, I bicycle commute, all you need is a wind breaker and these for -30 degrees. I've had my merino for 4 years now, wash, hang dry, no fabric softener, good to go. Only weak point is from abrasion, wear and tear. Not a big deal to me, I'll get more, it's that good.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Nick - :

    First let me start off by saying my order arrived right away. I placed my order on Monday and it arrived on Wed. when I selected the slowest shipping speed. That's awesome! Now on to the actual product. It's great. At first it might seem like a lot to spend but you can certainly tell it's a quality product. It makes sense when you hold it. It's a dense. There is a fair amount of wool to this garment. The expedition weight is some serious warmth. I use these under my drysuit when I whitewater kayak in early spring or late fall. It works great and super comfy. I also on rare occasions use them when cross country skiing. But that's only when it's super cold. Overall, I would suggest their midweight level for your go to base layer for winter activities. If you're doing something without a lot of movement or want serious warmth. Go with this. You won't be disappointed.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Timothy - :

    My Katmai Men's Expedition Wool Bottoms are fantastic. Great fit and the 400g/m2 thickness of the 100% marino wool keeps me warm and dry when working in cold and wet backcountry conditions. Greatest warm baselayer ever! Please consider adding a version of this bottom without the fly to wear on the outside for cold weather biking or running.

  6. 5 out of 5

    D Nielsen - :

    I have tried merino products from most of the common brands, and these are easily the best heavyweight bottoms I have come across. They are simply outstanding. The material is substantial, buttery soft, and very warm. It also washes up nicely. I have worn them for days straight and they remain odor free. I usually machine wash and hang dry them, but I have tumble dried them occasionally, and there has been minimal to no shrinkage or twisting. The construction seems solid, and the fit is true to size. I can't say enough good things about them. Well done Minus33, please don't stop making these!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Jarrett - :

    This product has surpassed my expectations. I'm a year round sea kayak guide in the PNW. This base layer for the cold months have kept me extremely comfortable under my dry suit. For multi day expeditions the security of wool and the odor resisting properties is an easy decision.

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Product Features

Expedition Merino Wool
Expedition Weight Merino Wool



400 g/m2 Interlock Knit   |   18.5 Micron Merino Wool   |   UPF Rating 50+


On the coldest, darkest nights, you will discover yourself seeking the warmth of Minus33 Merino Wool. Our Expedition products are suitable for the coldest climates and true expeditions.


Originally designed for winter mountaineering on Mount Washington, Minus33 Expedition Weight clothing has seen action in both the Antarctic and Arctic, and even to the Summit of Mount Everest.


Anyone venturing out in the cold will greet our Expedition clothing with a warm welcome as either a base, mid or outer layer. When you need to keep the ever-present cold from seeping in, our Expedition items will be your best friend.


Great for: hikingcampinglifestylesnowsportshuntingice fishing. Temperature Recommendation: High Activity - 0°-, Low Activity - 0° - 30°.


Base Layer
Base Layer

Think of your Base Layer as your second skin. These are your first layers on and your last layers off. These foundation layers should be thermal, moisture-wicking, and breathable. Proper layering of your garments is very important and in extreme cases may save your life. Consider your activities carefully and plan for the unexpected.


Mid Layer
Mid Layer

The Mid Layer is your second layer. It should provide insulation, and be breathable. It can also be an outer layer if weather permits. Proper layering of your garments is very important and in extreme cases may save your life. Consider your activities carefully and plan for the unexpected.


Regular Fit
Regular Fit

Standard fit with a little bit of room, but not baggy. Works best as a base layer, or when worn alone. Can also be worn as a mid or insulating layer. If you are looking for a tighter, athletic fit, try going to the next size down.


Flat Lock Seams
Flat Lock Seams

Flat lock seams allow for ultimate comfort, preventing chafing and allowing your clothes to move with you. Flat lock seams are stronger, helping your garments last.


Full Length Bottom
Full Length Bottoms

Full length bottoms with standard inseams.