Clearance Kodiak Midweight Wool Full Zip Hoody


Color:  Black

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2 review(s) for "Clearance Kodiak Midweight Wool Full Zip Hoody"

  1. 4.5 out of 5

    philip s. - :

    Outstanding product. As comfortable, or more comfortable, than cotton next to the skin. Far better than Minus 33's two main competitors in merino wool products. Insulating properties and breathability readily apparent. Yes, thumb holes are a tad small and when in use may make the sleeves a tad short. Nonetheless, it became an instant favorite, indoors and out. Wearing it now on a mild day with no base layer. Plenty of roominess wearing a Large at 5'11", 200 lb., chest 43", waist 34". I say buy it, especially when it's on sale, which is right now, I do believe. No, I'm not getting paid to say this. It's that good.

  2. 4.5 out of 5

    Kippy - :

    The fabric of this hoodie is great - 340 gsm - smooth on the outside and fleeced inside. It is warm, but not as warm as the heavier fabrics offered in the Expedition line. The fit is loose, and the arms a bit shorter than preferred. I purchased a medium which for me has a sleeve length that is perfect, but with a very long and loose body. The hood is also a bit looser than preferred. It won't fit as a midlayer as I wanted, but it is a well-made garment meant to have a rustic rather than urban feel to it.

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Product Features

Midweight Merino Wool 340


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340 g/m2 Interlock Knit   |   18.5 Micron Merino Wool   |   UPF Rating 50+


Versatile and comfortable, our Merino Wool will always have your back. Designed as a three-season garment, our Mid-weight works great as either a base or mid layer.


Our Midweight styles have all the same natural qualities as our Lightweight Merino Wool, with greater insulation. Minus33 Merino Wool Clothing is perfect as a base layer for a day on the slopes or as an emergency pullover when a cold front rolls in just before you summit.



Great for: hikingcampinglifestylesnowsportshuntingfishing




Mid Layer
Mid Layer

The Mid Layer is your second layer. It should provide insulation, and be breathable. It can also be an outer layer if weather permits. Proper layering of your garments is very important and in extreme cases may save your life. Consider your activities carefully and plan for the unexpected. Learn more about layering.


Insulating Layer
Insulating Layer

The Insulating Layer is used when the weather leans more towards the cold side. It is a second Mid Layer that provides extra warmth and is breathable. Proper layering of your garments is very important and in extreme cases may save your life. Consider your activities carefully and plan for the unexpected. Learn more about layering.


Relaxed Fit
Relaxed Fit

A little more room than you would find in a Regular fit. Best alone, or as a mid, insulating, or outer layer. If you would like a tighter fit, try going to the next size down. Learn About Fit & Sizing.


Full Zip
Full Zip

Full zippered style allows for easy layering and taking the piece on and off.


Thumb Holes
Thumb Holes

Thumb holes are slits in fabric near the cuff of a sleeve to allow thumbs to go through. This allows for extra coverage on the back of the hands and palms to provide extra warmth and also makes it easier to pull layers under others.


Zipper Garage
Zipper Garage

A zipper garage provides a place at the top of the zipper for the zipper pulls to go which reduces chafing and irritation. Zipper garage also prevents the cold metal from touching the skin.



Full coverage hood. Some styles, such as our Trailblazer Hoody, have a slim fit hood which works great underneath a helmet. Other styles, like our Kodiak Hoody, have an oversized hood which will fit over a helmet. Both hooded styles provide great coverage.


Brushed Interior
Brushed Interior

Brushed interior is treated with a brushing process to raise the nap and give a softer, warmer finish.


Ribbed Cuffs
Ribbed Cuffs

Ribbed cuffs are more durable, and stretch with your body.


Total Easy Care
Total Easy Care TEC

Total Easy Care (TEC) Merino apparel is designed for today’s busy lifestyle. Total Easy Care Merino garments are all machine-washable, and are suitable for tumble drying. Even after frequent laundering they retain an ‘as new’ appearance. They won’t shrink, lose their shape, fade or color-bleed. They remain soft and comfortable for the life of the garment. TEC is a textile innovation used by Minus33 that was developed by the Woolmark Company.